Adventrue Games

Final Ninja Zero Final Ninja Zero
(463 votes)
Flood Runner 4 Flood Runner 4
(988 votes)
Totems Awakening 2 Totems Awakening 2
(835 votes)
Zombotron 3 Zombotron 3
(1243 votes)
Shadow of The Ninja Shadow of The Ninja
(493 votes)
Doraemon vs King Kong Doraemon vs King Kong
(616 votes)
John Citizen 2 John Citizen 2
(550 votes)
Ozee 1 Ozee 1
(491 votes)
Enhanced! Legion Of One Enhanced! Legion Of One
(537 votes)
Zombotron II Zombotron II
(587 votes)
Zombotron I Zombotron I
(516 votes)
Red Ball 4 vol.3 Red Ball 4 vol.3
(543 votes)
Cactus McCoy 2 Cactus McCoy 2
(632 votes)
Cactus McCoy Cactus McCoy
(506 votes)
Drake And The Wizards 2 Drake And The Wizards 2
(486 votes)
Caveman Caveman
(500 votes)
Robot Attack Robot Attack
(535 votes)

Adventure Games

Adventure games, RPG games are the games that combine elements of action and the quest. As a general rule, the level of complexity of such games is not regulated (very rare to adjust the level of complexity of the struggle with the enemy). In contrast from the quests in game adventures necessarily present the solution of simple logic problems - to achieve the goals the player has to constantly look for something, for example, to find a ladder to climb higher, and the ability to use the help of "friends" to get a place in the game and etc. In almost all games of this genre is very rare a player can get back on a level that is moving forward. From the action genre - adventure games have borrowed to act in any way - shoot, fight, perform a combination of jumps and bumps, etc. As a rule, games adventure genre at the end of each game level we expect the boss level without destroying that go further on the game is impossible.