Back2Back Commander

Turn-based strategy card - the distant future, space, new planets, spaceships and rockets... but the main goal of the game, still, is the virtual destruction of the enemy.

Back2Back Commander

Turn-based strategy card Back2Back: Commander (Back to back  Commander) - 2124 , humanity wins the vastness of space and keeps... war , now outside the home planet. You have to play the role of Commander , Special for catching deserters. Goal of the game - in each round to destroy enemy missiles or knock off the planet before it.

In each round of the game to you and your virtual computer opponent randomly drop different cards - cards characters, which may cause some damage to the opponent , the defensive cards or cards built missiles , materials, improvements , etc. First you make a move , and then wait for a response the opponent's move. The round is won if you have finished building your rocket before the enemy or destroy an enemy missile.

The game is controlled by mouse. Having been trained to understand the essence of the game.

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